Lizz del Mar Florival also known as "Lysz Flo" is a trilingual writer of fiction and poetry. She started writing in diaries since Elementary school, as an only child she adopted pages as safe havens of conversation. The love of writing grew deeper through experienced loss in 2005 and onward. 

She initiated her spoken word performances, in a slam at the Poetic Lakay in Little Haiti, to conquer her fear of public speaking in September 2015. Since then, she has performed on various open mics throughout Miami-Dade and Broward: Poetic Lakay, Piano Bar, Moca Cafe's Poetry & Talents, Tea and Poets, as well as Studio 5 ten and the B-Great stage. Lizz is in the process of writing her first poetry project.

She is also passionate about self empowerment through beauty, self-love, travel, and fashion which has led her to blogging. Lizz has two Bachelor's degrees from Florida International University in International Business and International Relations.