8/30 Pentapology

8/30 Pentapology

Thank you Holla Bing for jumping on this Prompt and Elisabet Velasquez for creating it

I apologize to my body parts - pent up-alogy 



For no seeing the darkness in men who wished to be the dancing shadow within them

 Always requesting to be relinquished of agony yet my life has programmed me

that tears are unnecessary

so I incarcerate them

in frozen memories that

shake my will in the moonlight



For not being able to defend you against believers

hidden behind a white collar, making them the sinners

yet tainting me

with the confusion of their lost representation

of what God meant to me.

I am sorry

for beauty to be taken so highly to hell

as first kisses never meant to be

stolen flavors of innocence

and the bitter aftertaste of sweet lies.

Unable to learn the art of taking what was stolen from me

so i choose to never initiate kisses.

-Be free to live voluptuously



For the way older men look at you,

as if they do not have children of their own and

puberty wasn't awkward enough.

Shaping me into overly weighted, unhealthy, pre-diabetic lies by doctors. An anomaly.

The way my curves and fullness

places me upon different leveled pedestals of self worth

paved by strangers hands,

still deeming themselves unworthy

-be free to live voluptuously



For despising the

extra feathers in my wings

that flap in every wave.

Hiding behind sweaters

and long sleeves in the heat.

Shaming the elasticity of my body image pointed out consistently.

Ignoring that they are branches

elongated towards the growth of love and warming of cold souls.

Hiding you from

-being free to live voluptuously



For those who consistently discharge me from being anything other than myself. Profiling me on its size and lack of daintiness. Questions of would and do you ever think of reducing it,

Taino stature and African regality

In abundance

People have had me confused with Queens of other nations.

Unable to speak my language of beauty- be free to live voluptuously in peace.


For these reasons I apologize wholeheartedly

thid is my pent up apology

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