Side Effects of You---Ailing Sobreity

I thought I was incurable from the cold.
Went to the doctor to get prescribed a dose for this undying frostbite.
Heart stopped beating. Blood clotted. No longer pumping. 

Doctor said all these bottles of you would help.
And for years I been popping extra doses of You.

Living pain free. But what the doctor never advised that after so many years it would become another disease.

Depending on more Momentary Gains and stronger doses until I stopped feeling the effects. 


The pain came knocking the wind out of me. Catching me by surprise. Resulting in weight gain,deep depression, chest pains, and shortness of breath.

I never knew that this insomnia would attack me so deep.The co-dependency. I have lost myself in this thing. I have with you...Since it feels single sided. 

"You were supposed to take away the pain."

Crying senselessly. Feigning for the quick fix. Killing the pain, but only temporarily. 

As your bottles become E M P T Y. Running out with no more refills.
Forgetting my well being--is not in you. Going from place to place with your prescription.

Yet you are D O N E. 

When I am just getting started. Walking around like the dearly departed. 
Getting the shakes as I rub my hands across your label. Unstable as I stare into the empty medicine cabinet. Not O N E pill left. 

Cold sweats and insomnia. Why did you come in like you would save me. Keep me healthy when all you did was worsen my sickness. 

"The doctor said you'd keep me stable...I been ignoring the symptoms and the small print"

"Is this the right pill that I am taking? Losing balance.My headaches been getting worse." 

 Who will cure ME of the Side Effects of YOU? howdarntragic

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