My 1st BlogHer 2018

Out of my hotel room, I walk into a sea of balloons and a likeminded women, here we gather for “Walk of Shameless” by Vagisil to advise about the #1in2 women campaign; which states 1 in 2 women will need emergency contraception. 

This pre-breakfast meet up is my introduction to BlogHer in NYC. 


Throughout the weaving of gem filled panels, meeting with amazing brands, and learning the keys to blogging. I kept noticing the circles of women coming together to discuss blogs, goals, tips, and lifestyles.


My favorite part, besides the food provided by Pret de Manger, is the finding of tribes, Caribbean and Latino ladies from all over the globe linking up. A magical energy of vibes kept adding to our tribe. I am an introvert and in events like these, I usually keep to myself and need my own solo time to recharge like the coloring wall (or a touch up) by the Honest MUA.



After getting my life from The Gabrielle Union, reminding us not to “feel lucky, grateful” because we are at the table, but to assume we deserve to be at the table and act as such. I kept being found and finding more tribes-women. In a circle of appetizers and inspiration we discussed: generational curses, womanhood as black women in all walks of life, the navigating new spaces as an Afro-Latina and how we need to save ourselves and our bodies from silence. Angie Thomas reinforced the importance of telling our stories and finding positive and productive ways to channeling our frustrations.



My takeaway : Authenticity opens doors and can create a movement within yourself and others.

BlogHer was an experience of powerful women coming together and sharing supportive energy in a safe space. 


Silent Volcano

Memory Lane Back to Papí

Memory Lane Back to Papí