13/30 Random Love gazing

I have been gazing into the stars, I continue to find in the pupils of your soul


In my thoughts

Wondering does love come in your size

Does it grow in the way you walk


Because my heart has been sending an SOS to you every time you reach close proximity have you heard my morse code pleas?


When eyes meet and record each second

Of the comforting frequency you transfer to me


Unable to write enough words to define how your aura creates campfires within


I've been cold through the winters of disapprovals of love, being what anyone could offer to me


Yet, only you give me this craving of empirical reparation


I've been confusing my heartbreak to be interchangeable with sexual saving


And still amidst days where I cannot see through dark clouds,


you emit the brightest of rays and maybe I confuse this display as nature taking its course


But physical conversations are enough to revisit the magnitude of how much you mean to me


My love language may not be loud enough for you to comprehend how deep in my veins you run in me


Doesn't love come in your size so i can wear it over my chest,


to feel the embrace I keep tightly enlaced in my memories


Of how without sex you reached a unfamiliar depth to me


Sleep misses your body heat engrossing me


I've loved you for centuries and still without any logic


I continue to doubt the essence that fills butterflies in my stomach every time my recognition is filled with our remembrance


Sadly I still wonder in the form of actions, do you really love me the way I love you ?


Would you be ready to mutate with gills to know how deep this ocean of love is?


Can I re-buffer your soul to reflect your raw inner Beauty, am I so helplessly a fool for what could be ?


As I leave galaxies in the time spent between and the unsaid stars remaining undiscovered...I miss you even if we have yet to separate into the light years of tomorrow

Questions I never ask in this mission of discovery...a love soliloquys 

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