17/30 Spring into Love

17/30 Spring into Love

I've been reaching in the sky, 

for signs that I've already seen,

Pouring rain in fears of self doubt

implanted by weeds,


Do not cover the rays in your eyes,

to pretend we do not share heartbeats,

I have only had hail for rainbows and the dents left, me freezing


Apologies to the warmth that is hard to comprehend,

when you come from the north.

I have been waiting for time to pass me by

and the right moment,

to ease in difficult wind breezes of freedom.


I am ready

to embrace the pollen of Spring, carry love openly,

like allergies, and let purity pour from cumulonimbus clouds,


I have been looking

to predict earthquakes that never came,

missing out on perfectly clear days,

Protecting against hurricanes that weren't

heading my way, 

Let me research the right words to forecast,

as in breakdown the scientific version of

being willing to dance in the rain with you,

throw umbrellas to the side and make rituals to start anew,


beside you


A baptism of mutual self appreciation to the point

seasons would become shadows, no longer winters nor falls,

saving time in the daylight, 

To hold hands, planting seeds of possibilities, cultivating hope, 

rising in love from dawn to dusk,


Ripening beautiful memories, in forgiveness, 

My dearest, 

I am ready to Spring forward into this love that can be,

grow with me exerting ourselves outside the concrete,


I am ready to breathe freely,

photosynthesize with me.

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