Sapiosexual Sentiments 9/30

Sapiosexual Sentiments 9/30

Can I release my inner sapiosexual ?

I've been watching how your frontal lobe carries on and wraps forbidden thoughts into flexible fruition.


Fruit for its picking

as your mind is shared on pages for all to see and few to comprehend


Thirsty for the knowledge that drips from your medulla oblongata


You please me with every fellatio filled phrase that happens to bare neurons 


Naked is your nucleus under creativity, id love to savor the intensity of your brain cells



Hope you don't take it wrong

When I want to raise your brain to new heights in a storm you have never encountered before


Overflowing with liquified ideas


Let me come,

Construe concepts under copious constriction 


Visualizing what your education tastes like translating into salacious sound


Pen leaking knowledge that is hard to swallow


Your dictionary is thick with explicit vocabulary


I wish to study closely


I want to learn a new language via the Braille version of your thesaurus

redefining what I am feeling through the sounds of appreciation

rolling my tongue in rated r phrases


A rebellious pupil requesting for punishment,

feed me,

a 100 lines, to keep rewriting while you manuscript me to go from italic to bold


Underline the curves manipulated in large hands becoming cursive font to fondle brainwaves


A sucker to your intellect,

I wonder have I absorbed it all yet- while lips let chocolate drips of humid ideas and penetrating concepts


Unable to focus 

I stop you mid-sentence

to ask you

if you'd like to know what it feels like to sleep within mental moistness, leaking knowledge of biology


The study then becomes anatomy,

allow me to release my inner sapiosexual.


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