I Loved a Gladiator Once II...[Her story]

I loved a Gladiator Once...
But she is now broken spirited....her battered armor reflects...a mere shadow of her true self.
Lost in a winter's daze,
Accepting defeat.
Frozen in the snow.
Forgotten in a field of darkness.
War leaving it's shards upon the tattoos of burnt wounds.
Today the smoke that choked her has cleared,
The stinging of the eyes has passed.
The blood has dried and she is able to rise again.
 Despite the losses in war and the broken pride.
I loved a Gladiator once...and it lead me to an unexpected war.
Fighting to save my own life-my own soul.
 Pressed between a cliff and a sword.
Choosing between His life,
Or M I N E

Thumbs Downby hinxlinx

Back turned to her as her joyous victories now spoken as myth.
Never placed upon a throne of history.
Not one scroll dedicated to her...Not one moment in time...
I loved a Gladiator once...and she got lost on her way back home.
Staggering to find her place. Bewildered as the rain felt like a monsoon.
Nearly drowning in the uncertainty.
Fighting for sobriety
The confusion of friend or foe too great.
S I L E N C E arrives with a small light.
I loved a Gladiator once...And I forgot she is me. I forgot I loved myself more than I did He.
Among-st the internal battle and the pain of the dagger inserted in the middle of my heart,
Constantly reminding I am still alive.
I forgot I loved a Gladiator once.




Dusting myself off. Getting up without fear of failure. But looking forward to the future wars to be won.
I may get injured, murder against me may be attempted. But as long as a beautiful death does not grace my end.

I Loved a Gladiator Once....And I am on the path back to her.



Wake up alone...

Side Effects of You---Ailing Sobreity