Please {Me}

Instructed to advise how much I'd like to please myself with you-allow me to explain the depth of my desires that are in your sole proprietorship

Pleasure is actually all mine-in my point of view of your satisfaction-I succumb to serve you

Allow me to relish in the desires no one else knows of. Fulfilling amidst submission and dominance.

Please don't misunderstand the need to savor you with or without command.

I simply attempt to reconnect our minds and synchronize mutual satiation every time.

Return you back to past lives reminding you why we are currently in the present.

I want to become the missing piece to the void of your cravings

Saturate me with every drop of the worlds weight on your shoulders and take in the toxins that alleviate your stress.

You-make knees unresponsive and legs shake because the earth displaces as you reach undiscovered galaxies with every thrust of your shuttle.

Defy gravity with me in unison. As only I have been proclaimed to cater to your untapped desires.

As I await you to-put your tongue on my body-

There is nothing better than my fantasies coming alive in fire burning flesh

As I please myself by knowing no-one else can cater to your needs.

I need you as you need me because although unspoken your body belongs to me.

As groans escape flawlessly heart wrenching lips. May I converse with your pent up frustration to the point of release

The feeling of possessing you is passively aggressive. Feeding into unstroked egos and fascinating your eyes with bit down lips and unseen reactions. This freaking is only a peep show for you.

Locked in my room awakening to the mutual jonesing my favorite flavor drips down my taste buds as the feeling of you has been braised on my body.

Successful at ensuring that I only require you to replenish my sensual overflow with the delectable-ness of your body.

You Fit Me So Perfectly

Love ignites at silent glances and blazes with touch our body language can't help to scream in slow motion.Allow my passion to blur with emotions that I am unable to display in un-coerced actions

Give me permission to be drowned out by musical melodies. Exclamations of ownership accepted escape full lips.

I've been living through hot spring rain since our last physical conversation. Patiently waiting for you to begin your sentence of summoning me.

Until then Sir, I can imagine you bringing what's rightfully mine to me so I can please myself with your body.

Blue Pen---Uncreated Constellation P.S.

The Musician's Finale