Take Care of you, Cuidate

Take Care of you, Cuidate

No hay de otra? Do we really not have no optio? Hay que hechar pa’ lante, patra ni pa coger impulso, [we have to keep going, can’t move back not even to gain momentum],

Picture this, it has been a loud day, by loud I mean, you have been non-stop since you have woken up, reading social media as soon as your eyes open, 

seeing the darkness of the world as the brightness enters your window,


you switch on the lights, your loved ones needing of you, before you head to begin on your tasks for the day. At work, home, online, however.

 Skipping breaks, lunch time consists of added conversations and distractions.


White Noise. 


Regardless of the scenario, women, work 24 hours a day, servicing everyone else, except us. In my Caribbean household, my mother still clocks into her second job, wearing multiple hats, daughter, mother, wife, caretaker, and office manager, and not once asking for help.

Despite our exhaustion, we keep going, out of willing obligation.


Does this happen to you?

What does/can peace and self-care look like for you?


Is it sitting in a room alone, with silence, or how we call her "soledad [solitude]" in this case?

Maybe its shopping, with your phone on silent, going aisle by aisle?

Have you ever thought about taking yourself to the movies? 

Working out on beast mode, or traveling?


Maybe it is taking time to ensure your make up is just how you like it, so those two hours of getting ready is self-care when others call it vanity. 


I tend to do this during my commute, so my day stress does not translate into the night.


Be as amazing to yourself, as you are to others. 

You, out of everyone 

deserve this amount of self-catering. 

This too is a form of beauty. 



When do you give back to yourself? 

When do you enjoy spending time with yourself even if it is 15 minutes or a week?




Written on a day, where all is too loud, sitting in the dark, 

phone without service, BOSE speaker, with this playlist riding. 

I recommend it, or create your own playlist

Welcome Home - Karibu -Sana

Welcome Home - Karibu -Sana

What is Beauty?

What is Beauty?