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Welcome Home - Karibu -Sana

Why run through the scenery when you can walk and admire it's beauty?

Do not let anyone fool you, there may be poverty but paradise has always been in Africa.

Where Hakuna Matata is an honest way of life, Dearest Zanzibar Asante Sana I am so greatful.

Take Care of you, Cuidate

Be as amazing to yourself, as you are to others. 

You, out of everyone 

deserve this amount of self-catering. 

This too is a form of beauty.

When you love yourself, the laughter comes from the heart  

What is Beauty?

Even on the darkest days, where I am swallowed by the calamity of the world, I do my best to keep falling in love with myself and recognizing that we are more than a pretty face, but souls that deserve to be happy, even in times of adversity. Making a conscious decision to choose beauty as a gateway to greatness by our own definition.

What is beauty to you, without all the white noise of other peoples opinions and validation?