Lose to Find

Lose to Find

In a world so filled with emptiness,

You have to lose yourself to find yourself. 


Over a month ago, I found myself, at sea without phone or internet access,

the sun setting and the water caressing the edges of the boat,

I was wearing a head wrap, long sleeves and a jumpsuit, covering my ankles.  Somehow, in conforming and immersing myself to societal standards in a place where my roots most likely began:

Silence spoke to the happiness I had not found elsewhere in my troubled soul. 

I found peace.

Many people, have been unable to understand my fixation for travel. Wondering if I have met someone intimately, that made my travel worth it or what risqué event has given me so much joy.


I did meet someone, I met my "best" self in a land where simplicity is underrated. Tanzania follows me everywhere now. My mother has seen Zanzibari tour buses and called me, I have gotten random emails from people in Zanzibar, and photos keep resurfacing. 

All this to say, there are moments when you find yourself in the hamster wheel of life, forgetting you want to break out and actually enjoy the scenery of what the universe offers.


Unbox yourself fearlessly - Settling  is scarier than conforming to a reality that doesn't even belong to you. 



The Crown - National Headwrap Day

The Crown - National Headwrap Day

Welcome Home - Karibu -Sana

Welcome Home - Karibu -Sana