Dear Mixed Kid #52essays2017 II

I have always wondered if I was Black Enough, Haitian Enough, Puerto Rican Enough...

Is my identity of black sufficient to tell my story as theirs? 

Impostor syndrome in a world where blackness and latino identity has been permanent for me.

They always asked me, what are you?

They: defined as : American born children an adults, who could never understand how my mother is lighter than me and how we never resembled each other. Those who always asked, "is that your mother?" and assumed that my partner at the time who was puerto rican was her son instead of me being her daughter. 

After going to NAPS, there was a team who spoke to the mixed kid who forgot their roots and embraced the privileges with denying their own identity. 

Dear mixed kid, 

You are the composition of every ancestor you have accepted and denied.

You are enough to speak your own differences aloud and embrace the similarities you resonate.

what are you? -an unfinished poem



Dear Mixed Kid - Accent Dent

Dear Mixed Kid - Accent Dent

365 Things I love about myself #52essay2017

365 Things I love about myself #52essay2017