365 Things I love about myself #52essay2017

365 Things I love about myself #52essay2017

I read the book, I Have No Room for the Broken  by Angela Abreu, who I found through a poetry friend. The title spoke to me so loudly that I had to purchase it.

It became the path to healing and learning: how someone else is similar and different and how her paths have led her to self-love.

The most important part of her written experience was not the  book itself however, the journal she sent along with it. 365 things I love about myself,

I reached four pages and could not fill the rest,

i procrastinated its use, not wanting to keep repeating the same thing,

I wanted to fill the pages with so many different amazing reasons but could not.

We are so focused on pretending we are perfect that it paralyzes, self, from flying imperfectly.

Recently, it led me to my new favorite quote that I found in an astrology article.


This is my theme for 2017,

I am now on the path to find the response within me to:

"Why couldn't I fill these pages?

How can I escape the box I place myself in, of over analysis and

find appreciation for the biggest and smallest things that I love about me?  

Without hesitating."

In these 52 weeks, I will find my answers.

Journaling privately and publicly, join me. 

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