Dear Love VI

Dear Love VI

A voicemail :


It's been a while since you and I reconnected and although I've been curving the idea of you,


I admit


I think it's time you and I bring a new thing to this old thing.


I have seen you in the wrong people and made decisions blindly because of my impression of who you could be instead of what you are.


Dear love, I have chosen to rebuild the structure we initially met on, which is gifting you to myself


I noticed the dead weight I've carried in dreams that would never fulfill and lovers who couldn't empty me fast enough to fill them.


I've dished you out until their weren't enough left overs for me.


Dear love,

I'll be letting you find me with this open capsule ready to be catapulted into a healthy new us.


Willing to receive a love that :


Returns me back to myself and opens a whole new chapter of amazement and awe in new eyes.


I glimpsed it for a moment in passing possibility and it reminded me- I am no option to be settled/ing for.





I look forward to linking up soon.



An available heart



it came after I saw this quote and a difficult conversation  

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