6/30 Mourning

*may I be able to perform this one day*


When colossus fell


The sky opened and swallowed

Me whole.


Trading a gladiator for a teenage girl not afraid that I was not quite ready to save the world


Books signified his greatness and Kompa should have been booming from the speakers


But instead I was told to mourn, can't be too loud with your suffering while answering questions of how are yous like falling from mount Olympus didn't hurt and becoming a mortal without warning isn't purgatory


Wishing to wear your heart in my shirt pocket afraid I'd lose it I swallowed it whole into numbness


Becoming the flamboyan That held all the grownups together no one noticing my falling petals


Smiling through an emotional coma, she seems to be taking it easily


But how can you set sail into the seven seas without a compass,


How Can you search for freedom when anchored in abandon


When colossus fell I had no sound flowing from my lips - no tears falling from my eyes, until two heroes flew around the city in silence and cried away from the noise of hypocrisy


Too innocent to protect myself in amorous self defense - I created oceans out of disappointment filling an infinite pool with broken promises


How can you love yourself enough to make better decisions when the only Ray of sun was elevated to the sky before I was ready


I was 16

A sophomore in high school

And a soldier who had very little time to break down


When colossus fell, my world, lost the best poem I could not rewrite


My favorite line to repeat after school froze until warmth was frost bitten


My ink dried and for a moment all I could offer is silence

7/30 Puerto Rican Projects

7/30 Puerto Rican Projects

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