Poetry Died This Morning

Poetry Died This Morning

Publications point out that Poetry is dead

And I agree-


For the blind masses of humanity that choose




For The Dumb, that do not have an

appetite for the

destruction of reality


The deaf

that choose to hear

fiction based fallacies

than unveil that pain-still-

preys around children's cribs like boogeymen


Where denial is the safety lock

that keeps these robots going 


To the generation

where text and social media courtship

is the new depiction of what love looks like 


It is dead

to those who accept the mediocrity of a

strangers validity as truth 


In order to continue giving away a snapchat of their life

disconnected from familiarity


So instant gratification can keep

amounting to

numbmified greatness


Poetry is dead

to the generation who just don't FEEL love anymore 

Nor pick up a phone

just to make a phone call,

instead let's video chat and hang out

only to stare into bright screens in silence 

Romantic, isn't it?

I feel like we just got closer

through this cheap quality time

you decide to give

although you invest more on new gadgets

than listening to discomfort that comes from paper and pen encrypted souls 


Poetry is dead

for the rest of the world

who do not have the lyricist

and spoken word as a trending subject


Too busy to see that art is loud and should be listened to

Maybe we don't Facebook enough 

Or pop it for the gram 


Poetry is dead for those living in reality while I live in abnormality 


Checking into rehab with a new note

A hit from the click of the pen

as music and I

create wrinkles in time

while others lose track 


Killing the hurt with a comma,

regenerating hope through periods,

Poetry dies in order to give birth to better days.


As we write for change and reincarnation -

Poetry died just for this moment

So I could Rest In Poetry.


6/30 Mourning

Sunday Morning Uneasiness