Sunday Morning Uneasiness  

On Days like these, I write to Love…

Looking forward to the days we will meet and remain along each other’s side,

Dear Love, on days like these I miss you, Let me connect your soul as you plug into my frequency Sleepily make love to me on morning when lazy days are mutually compatible,

Can we just smile as I wake up excited that I am curled into your frame, Long arms preventing me from slipping away, My skin melting into your safe embrace,

Dear Love, Can we share laughter as we only know the secrets our erector pili can explain, Breakfast is served in bed, between giggles and moans

Let’s make love until I can only remember how you like me to call your name As if no one else was created to make us feel this way Watch my glow is we cuddle in mutual enjoyment in this lazy Sunday Words not needed, music caressing the air, while we increases our own volume of ecstasy

No phones, no rushing Just slow rediscovery of the formula for our chemistry As my nude becomes your favorite outfit to wear Let’s kiss and smile, until we remain ecstatic- years from now

Enamored to be trapped under your leg and arm in the morning Reveling in the moment like aromas emitting from the kitchen, forgetting any of yesterday’s friction.

Dear love, on days like these, I feel your absence, Waking up hugging the pillows in your replacement, Uneasily craving, your existence

Until then Love, I’ll be looking forward to US in the morning

Poetry Died This Morning

Poetry Died This Morning

Hand in Hand [let's walk]