Hand in Hand [let's walk]

Can I walk with you?

Among the hidden path that no one else has crossed in a prolonged time

Can I swim across the ocean of yesteryear's tear-shed and show you there's paradise ashore?

May I take you're scar[r]ed hands from fighting alone against the loss of hope?

So I can explain how you are me and I am you, gazing at how handsome your flaws are,

thinking you fool me by pretending perfection .

Call me clairvoyant-

I am broken- just as you are -

I find US beautiful beneath the perfect facade

we choose to display

Can I undress you, so that all that remains are

the fears and pain you are unable to explain coherently-

admiring up close, how well my broken glass heart pieces fit yours so well?

May I hold it, carefully?

the beating heart you see as marred and unappealing -

Yet I have always found it to be spectacular

Can I touch your chest, to affect the shun created as you cringe,

where your heart has been shanked beyond dismay?

Placing head to chest to hear the irregular heart beat- how can I deny such perfection ?

Even if in vernacular you have yet to say amorous words, your actions palpitate so loudly

Just like its rhythmic disparity

Have you ever pondered -

that perhaps, broken-ness is needed

so someone who has mirrored pains can take your hand and complete what's missing ?

Not once has rejection crossed my mind –

as I accept your most devalued possession.

Without offerings, I know your suffering by being force-fed the same.

Can I hold you?

Until words needn't meaning and actions are clear

from the clouded sentiments of hopeless ridden fear

that love cannot save us from ourselves ?

Haven't you figured that our paths have always been parallel?

I have gazed at you countless nights to find peace along the malady

we wear as mental and emotional chains of silence.

Feeling you reach for the small of back

as if questioning, what ifs and maybe this one time, is different ?

You don't have to explain to me your worries,

I know exactly what they are as they too are mine,

just this time can I be the right one you can hold on to

as we head to the top of the mountain

Will you- close eyes and grip my hand uncaring if our knuckles are white taking a chance for happiness-

Fighting to conquer our fear of heights because the lows below are so sharply familiar?

I will not promise words that have been

continuously broken, I know, I will not abandon you since I have this complex where letting go without war is

unacceptable and

foolishness is incorrect currency to taking someone's afflictions and protecting them.

You have been left and rejected so many times just like I,

Can I kiss you in order to delete the lying lips

that pleaded perfect love stories and turned them into tombstones of happiness ?

Explaining after lonely nights that - the only reason you disbelieve,

is due to those who infected you have been dumb and deaf fools

blinded by their own illness of insecurities.

This- is an effect but not a definition of you.

I'd be willing to travel lifetimes to find you, working on mutual happiness, saving us simultaneously since you reflect our depictions.

I confess I am left-handed, my brain is in its right place,

and I am crazy enough to brace us against hurricanes of loves past effects.

So hope can grow within us

Proving that not all is lost-

and good feelings can come with good responses-

I can be the best thing worth being scared for-

unravel fears to show that behind the mask of disappointment

– love-

can off, broken spirits to a new familiarity

Walk with me-

My love is louder in actions than words could ever be

but I am willing to find the words

so every day you can come back to me and smile wholeheartedly

I charge a fee of trust that maybe

with every quivering step taken

we can be unstoppable like you once thought initially

Because I love me enough for the both of us to be free.

Can I walk with you?







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