3/30 Unfinished Lanmou

3/30 Unfinished Lanmou

Is it odd

that I search for you

in the confines

of my thoughts?



must be what unfinished love

feels like,


Touches of desire

Unachieved in the dark


I have been a favorite


unobtainable men



who learn

to speak the truths

when my eyes meet




who start to faithfully

find me daily and

forget anyone else ever existed



who taught me to win

far more than they could


Concrete walls

who lowered

when mine were up.


I remember him - an odd connection built within a spark

that would last a season

of holiday covered fires

the soot clearing 

his beauty coating my tongue.


There's something

about unspoken desires

that I always wish to

indulge in


Dancing in the darkness of a love

that never belonged to me

fully yet simultaneously did


Secrets are savored better

in a stranger's light - homes are more welcoming when

forbidden entry is granted


a revival of a forgotten shadow of memories

-written Nov 30,2016

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