As the Broken One...

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I have accepted defeat falling to my knees in my solitude

Wrapped in the arms of darkness

Not to plead, but to rest a jaded soul

Laying in fetal position,

hoping the days of war...will pass

Mind traveling between fictional stability and non-fictional

Alzheimer's wishing to forget the most recent of martyrdom

In order to travel back to where strength was not measured in the ability to take

treachery's blows to my Achilles heel

Banishing the wolf in sheep's clothing disguised as a nurturing lover

With the carrier of over-loving's disease and its symptoms.

Dust particles left from this ticker of mine

-Pummeled in the death of lovers and birth of strangers-

Maintaining me in cold sweats like an angry fiend

In denial that love has left me quizzically bitter

Rebuilding brick walls with whatever dignity I have left over

The pile of rubbish used as a foundation

Crocodile tears as I refuse to continue the stream of vulnerability to be showcased

-I blame the miscarriage of love-

Thrusted against me like a comet--leaving behind broken traces of what was

Confusingly willing to prepare for a new mission worth traveling through time for

Incline to take a leap keeping the ground at arm's reach

 Cautiously in disbelief, embracing the lack of gravity

My request to be free has caged me


Left in the vacancy of space

Betwixt stargazing and staying succumbed to gravity

The weight continues to pull my dragging feet due to running in all the wrong directions

Needing to patch the pains of new-found loneliness with its original master

Yet unsure if I could remain tamable

Cold within the comfort of the black hole

As I, the broken one, rather repair others and leave my pieces in the rubble

No longer concerned with the repair of my stained glass wings

the air I once felt to be freedom

now defined as entrapment

I know I can heal others, skeptically traveling to the depths of the outer space in search of pre-created constellations

Retracing them for conviction

Reminiscing on the beauty of the story etched among the stars

 Still as the broken one,

I feel they are too far

Searching for shelter under Mars' harsh summers and Neptune's brash winters

Left out to dry from the inside out

My ruptured shards reflect the untapped rainbows welling at the windowsill of my soul

Silently suffering, hoping to decipher the magnitude

Gazing on the fiery behemoth of a star


As I glint in the light suspicious of trickery

Fixing my eyes from the coolness of the moon

Now an astronaut with no direction

Despite a tug once in a while sending me to a once familiar orbit

I forget to save myself in saving the rest of the world

But the world has crushed me into a cracked diamond

Could I be loved?

As my reflection has eclipsed and gloom

has flooded me onto uncertainty

whether I should float or dive

-Stranded in the void-

As the broken one,

I admit with pieces in hand

I do not know how  fix it

By Michael Finkel/Art by Mark A. Garlick

Love [Mute]

Ode to the Broken Ones