Constellation Creation [Say Something]

Realizing I have fallen in love with my  Muse twice only you have my finished series,

"We do not exist in Any other instant Here in this dimension You and I are meant to be"

I attempted to create a shared constellation and couldn't.

As it is already carved into the universe And spoken of in astronomy books

Could we just...trace over what has been written with new stars?

Evincing you by memory-we were here once before, but the roles were switched.

You, too, admitted once you remembered me before the big bang.

Before God placed his image onto the creation of the Earth.

Teleporting back into time from when the Sun became the biggest star.

I recall you, traveling mentally by Nebulae.

Despite duties once etched in Saturn.

I cannot help that these expeditions create marks on each confine of my spacial suit.

Spinning me into continuance of dedicating pages of constellations.

Redefining science.

My scrolls disintegrate into supernovas.

"The universe energy doesn't lie

And this chemistry is infinity at a million times
I wrote a million rhymes describing your star power"

Looking outside over-saturated galaxies.

Allow me once more to star trek and this once upon a shared mission.

I continue to view my soul through a telescope into submission.

Astronauts aboard a journey.

Two stars in the sky. Free.

Floating entities, away from the weights of gravity.

Among this unique galaxy. Follow me to Andromeda just this once.

Identifying with the  moon that watches our transport back and forth to the Milky Way.

You resemble the planet of my most silent dreams.

Wishing to revolve around your orbit.

Tired of etching constellations for you to understand my Astronomy.

Reviewing the telescope you gave to me. Allowing me to travel light years along with you.

"I have waited lifetimes to find you
Now that you're here
I can remind you
Of the things you've been dreamin'
Times two
I promise you"

Why create this explosion abandoning outdated satellites to search for other signs of life?

See through the melting of my chemical composition as your aura blazes me, reaching beyond 3500 Kelvin.

Stargaze with me. In this silence. Speaking supersonic volumes.

The need to display the astronomical revolves within a single moment.

A single constellation.

Where the match has been pre-construed.

As your stardust reflects in my eyes, deeper into my part of spatial system you reside.

I shyly gaze towards this astronaut in the glow of the moon. Have you noticed?

My glow is not as bright as before.

This cosmonaut has been sucked through a vacuum.

Swallowed between black holes of aborted missions and broken contracts.

I am tarnished by viewing Plutonian like dwarf planets as the Sun.

Mistaken identities have set me adrift abroad meta-verses of incomplete missions.


The road will be rocky,

the storm may seem invincible

but all pride aside, with hands held, would you be willing to ride into this undiscovered space?


quotes-jhene aiko "stay ready"

© LyszFlo

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