My Kind of Love

My kind of...

dedication differs from those who you have ever succumbed your ticker to.

Those who have tried to keep you afloat within their waves -loving you and failed.

Drowning you by their nonvolatile currents..

My kind of love runs deeper than a river but comes in streams.

Softly until I am at ease to let this water fall flow.

I can be intense. As i live to grow the depth, until it falls into the ocean. Where I can no longer turn back and my love becomes endless. Limitless. Expansive.

I will embrace you until your composition becomes in tune to my homeostasis.

Giving, till the last drops complete the broken pieces of past lakes.

Stagnant waters eroding at your emote nature to accept your near death experiences.

I begin. In silence observing the strings wishing to give time but resisting the urge to jump in the deep end so quickly

My type of love has had me swimming alone believing someone was right behind me.

Abandoned at sea.

My heart is malleable yet easily responsive to misuse. I can feel the ripple effect and can only take so much weight; until the last drop cracks the biggest of boulders. I too, bruise easily.

Yet when the storms come I choose to be the lighthouse shining through the darkness. Guiding you through the turbulence. I refuse to leave you stranded.

My kind of love will uplift but not create ego.

Inspire but will not take you to your destination.

Embrace your insecurities yet not feed into them.

But I can open your eyes to see the crystalline reflection of greatness I see in the mirrors of my soul.

In unison, we can conquer the future.

When the sun shines, I prefer to grab your hand and share the oasis I see. I am only selfish with your time and affection because I crave it constantly. How else am I to maintain my ecosystem, without clear views to the center of your core?

Yet, understanding, that as Pirates we must find our own adventures apart to maintain the value of the treasure we mutually share.

My kind of love comes in friendship, catering, nurturing, and growth. I am imperfection in my innocence; believing not that the depth of your river is a shallow mirage. Multiple times attempting to dive to then see the bottom is so close.

I am sacrificial. Willing to get scars as I fall yet hold on to you so the rocks and sand do not break your arrival.

It is not loud but it roars profusely through subtleties of my actions. Floating into the underground caves of loyalty that I request it not be trudged lightly.

It is only fickle to those who do not reciprocate nor mirror the depth of my sea.

As a lily can survive as long as the water does not run dry.

My love is the ocean to your river-let it fall into me. As I prefer to hurt with the truth to bring about fortune than to believe fools gold has value.

Once I fix my stream upon you I can be as hot as I can be cold. I can be at high tide and drench with the desires of an aching soul. As I can be the aquifer to your desires, replenish me. As the fire sublimates the well of my hottest spring

If and only if you're not too proud to swim in the deep.

Following my ebb and flow as I can slow or speed up to your pace.

My kind of love is too great to snorkel or deep-sea dive for one day excursions as you would barely scratch the surface. My kind of love can only be found in the constellation of outer space and if willing I can take you to this place.

«I love me enough for the both of us, you give but you cannot take love.»-From Time Jhene Aiko

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