Remember Me, Don't You

I have loved you for centuries

I apologize if i ever hurt you sometime in our past lives,

Preventing us from being together this time

But do you remember me?

Before being my un-requested savior in suffering, when it was my turn to do the saving.

Before we forced each other to be at arms length

We were constantly in heart's reach

I love you

I would say repetitively until our memory returns to 1570 BC

You first said it to me atop Mount Olympus

I, Aphrodite, you, forever my Ares.

Even before Christ,

God knew we were meant to be

Despite my offering to Hapheastus.

The It has been written and re-scribed

From mythology to the current Shakespearean tragedy

Remember Me, Don't you ?

This is beyond a Midsummer's Night Dream

As we savored the delectable reality of love in silence

Fire ablaze and unmatchable

I, yours

You, my weakness

Butterflies flutter at the idea of our history

Orbiting beyond Andromeda continuing to capture falling stars

Before astronomy was an accepted science

You were the constellation to my unspoken galaxy

Remember me now?

Amidst whimpers and exclamations provoked by intimate singularity

As if we are frozen between extinction and recreation

Will you remember me?

Next lifetime?

When ego's no longer translate into the fear of reliving dreams of heart-filled fulfillment

Our story of ardency dates back to heiroglyphics

No language to clearly interpret yet we spoke telepathically

as eyes meet in the darkness and smiles speak in the moonlight

Children's laughter in the daylight

Echoes beyond heartbeats in the afternoon

I remember you.

Alone, blurry eyed, stargazing -beyond memories-

As you refuse to talk hold of my hand

Murder created in the distance of dying opportunities

A fool for you in the past couple of lifetimes

You seem to not recall the hankering blaze while skin melt into another

Lips not once touching the other

Embraces saying all the words we wasted time not speaking of

Did you forget the shudders as I remind you of your unforgotten name

Digging deeper into the confines of my soul


I cannot, arrive anymore while wishing to be your only destination

-Your amnesia pains me-

Since I clearly recall our many marriages

Jumping brooms

Breaking glasses

Rice thrown

Churches with roses

Lanterns in the sky

Henna tattoos

Do you

Remember when-

Against your wishes I bit the apple out of curiousity

Furious as you watched me pay the price for my intrigue


Our  kiss amid the stars, two meteors collided and a constellation was born


When we were once king and queen relishing in our Empire built in unison


Our first kiss last lifetime where you smiled and stopped because you couldn't keep it in

It was a historic day-Martin Luther King Day-

-You reminded me then we go way back-

Before words became empty and warmth felt by phalanges were mutually spoken paragraphs

How could you forget me?

If we have loved us for centuries

I was made from your rib

to equally accompany and complete you in life's journey

Remember me, Don't You?

-lost page series IV-

The Musician's Finale

My Kind of Love