Dear God,


Sealing internal yearnings with hope that only one person can give.

Closing my eyes shut and having silent conversations

Muttering under vocal chords
Speaking to myself and God in soliloquys

Uncovering a naked soul,
a child more to look after,
thanking and
Wishing he here's my pleas

Learning to return to and rebuild the relationship that at times I fail to grow

Planing seeds to reep what I sow.

Sometimes. I forget to fertilize the foundation. Searching...restarting the soul...again

Looking for the rainbows after the rain...pushing away the defeat...running back to the guidance that I often fail to follow

Ay know of my imperfections and still we are made in your image...amazing

Dear God,
I'm walking towards a light in which I have been struggling to reopen the blinds and let it shine in...

Refusing to be the fool...who rejects sun rays for darkness...

Taking steps forward...instead of gliding in reverse.


I digress for self lament grabbing onto an extended hand of hope and faith ...revisiting tracks as I have circled the loss of my way...

Retracing steps towards the beaten path as new signs lead the direction.

As I ask and you reciprocate. Promises scribed in scripture with the one request of praising your name fearlessly in return

Mon Dieu,

I have grown weary, some of those who we should call brothers and sisters have failed to cover basic guidelines of treating one another correctly

Injustice of the flesh, enemies multiplied, joining forces.

Dios mio,

I turn my back to those who speak with tainted tongues. Focusing not on the calamities that continue to sting into open wounds.

Looking for healing. We request so much, we ask and cannot give back, "what is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?"

Releasing the last thread of failure stricken sentiments from the bruisings of lightened shoulders.

Grabbing hold of I would as a child holding my colosso's hands-a giant as my father resembled that of a God towering me.

Unsealing internal yearnings...sowing what I reap for better days in brightness I shall travel.

I am flawed so I may take steps with disorientation...yet still not losing direction.

Dear God,

Expect my calls...I'm coming back to you...

©DISorientedDIVA 2013

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