Why I wash his clothes....

See from the moment he walks into the room leaving trails of a long hard day...(socks) for me to follow I know

Daddy's home.

As his polo comes off letting the heat of sweat poured into growing dedication of self growth and sacrifice

I know it is he who comes with sighs.

Refusing to let frustration and cracked corporate crap mentally rupture his peace

His wife beater is the next piece to free himself of battled restrains the soreness of his struggle to maintain the journey God has allowed him one more chance to step

Timbs or Nikes left apart almost like stones meant to trip through the guided path of un-defeat tired and sore feet

Khakis pulling together holes of his past and dirt stains of his future...overcoming obstacle on a daily basis

I wash his clothes because he requires help in sorting through different textures and colors of life

Because he has been buried before under dirty laundry and not many have helped to unravel the possibility of softening the blows of harsh cold washouts- repetitive cycles

Taking blows while spinning under heated pile of weight placed on shoulders

Baskets of darks tilting On his head...

Handing the whites to him instead...fold these as you can store them into the crisp creases of togetherness. My intentions come with no hidden tint.

I wash his clothes not because of sexist obligations but of admiration of who he's decided to become.

What He decided to Gain from riding away from the Tide waiting for him to soften the harsh realities of true cleanliness.

I wash his clothes because deep down inside the piles that come and go. Obstacles get hanged and the rest Eventually gets folded And stored.

I wash his clothes because I not get at wit's end with loose ends of damp sock trails

But because we chose one another to [c]Lean on when broken or incomplete. When the radiance of our colors are not as before.

I choose to defend him with Arm and Hammer. Leaving his clothes like never before.

I wash his clothes... because I love the end result a clean warrior ready for another week into the future with a fresh perspective.

I wash his clothes because

I L o v e H i m ©DISorientedDIVA 2013

Loveee Poem

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