Loveee Poem

I Don't Mean To Give The Wrong Impression

But I have been crushed to pulp fiction of past enamored anguish

Punished by unborn aspirations turned putrid fruition I just need to be put into a different acquisition.

Love drunk to sip the last drop. Tears prevailed, soaking into sheets, pain glowing in the dark, Hurt only mentioned to walls

I've been abandoned by past suitors that ever followed to suit to what their incantations clamored ...left to front the world against myself since it never grew into us....

Until us grew...afraid to leave the safety of my cocoon I rather push you away when I incline for you to remain attempting the miracle of my completion...I've been trying to heal my wounds as I inflict scars into you

Fighting to protect my bravado...

But I N E E D LOVE and Affec Tion

Dispersing hail sized disbelief, sublimating previous me...I can't help but to repress this feeling in captivity preventing it to escape and still needing to display the synchronized way of telepathic speech between pacemakers...I know you are the one meant to make the pace of dedicated reincarnations

I need you as Adam needed Eve you are the missing piece to the riddles in my granite heart... You're the answer to the unspoken're the reason I surrender my're the reason I feel

I need you every second, I cannot help my imbalance when I let go of your phalanges...

I seem to be falling

Discovering another organ to keep me in homeostasis, the reason why my sun rises and the moon sets

I hope I Am Not Sounding Too Desperate

"Can you love me for poor " My soul has had holes in it for years

I see the hesitation in the way you manage your expedition into the catacombs of my aorta

Tugging in war within various vas deferens...going in circles as mind and emotive become a labyrinth

"Whoever turned you cold You need to let 'em know I can work miracles "

In disposition to let all ties of concocted realities chip away...releasing blocks of heavy disbelief to save the hero...of my internal renovations

I Don't Mean To Give The Wrong Impression

But "when I love you close, You can feel my heart beating thru my clothes"

It's something I can't control as I refuse to let go

I hope I Am Not Sounding Too Desperate

Committing self inflicted treason for conquest of copious curing, deconstructed love chants converted into core conclusions




and A F F E C Tion

©DISorientedDIVA 2013

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