I ask because, Letter to Him Part II

Despite your possible lack of existence,

I promise that amidst the confusion you may constantly be in...

I am willing to...

Swallow pride when I'm wrong even if it will take me extra time to accept it

And although I over-analyze everything

I don't need to think about how much I love you

I ask so frequently, to make sure that you are sure,

before I plunge into giving you a love

that's been stored so deep it burns you to the depth of your soul.

I wouldn't be a fool for you

but I'd be a fool to not show you what love’s wonders resemble

as I portray them in the peace provided after a long day.

I would embrace you until the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders and

You regained your royalty

I am willing to find a compromise between my constant role of being superwoman

and releasing my cape of invincibility to you

allowing you to be King in this home that we shall create.

And ask anyone who knows me,

this is not a right I give to just anybody

Only he who treats me like an equal and gains my respect can get to this place

I have attitude, cross lines and I'll get you back in place yet

I will always do my best to understand why disagreements take place

And I agree, we will not always see eye to eye but as long as they are not sacrifices

we can see with our third eye and compromise

I am willing to learn how to better love you on a daily basis

so you look forward to coming back to me anxiously awaiting re-connection

I can and will cater to you as long as you do not abuse and meet me halfway

I've been overtaken before and to be exploited for my resources hurts, regret will come later

My love is usually unspoken,

every motion if you pay attention, just right,

you will notice everything I do comes from this consistent beat of synchronized hearts.

I'd love you pure like children's friendships

And strong like I've been back from the wars of past loves against fake prototypes.

I'd promise to tell you the harshest of truths even if it'd hurt you why hide?

I am willing to love us enough to pick you up when you don't feel as awesome as you really are.

Dear love,

I am afraid of losing the composition of my emotions as I drip into you.

Do not take them for granted I reel in easily.

I'd find out your favorite foods so I can do my best in making them for you Recreating comfort foods, so the warmth travels within you

I am willing to show you more than I speak,

pay attention to the gestures if you ever doubt my love for you

I will keep you warm in the cold ,

dry in the rain,

as long as I feel safe that you will also come to my rescue intuitively,

because i will never ask you to save me, just know even then i need you

I tend to love deeper than words can define its meaning,

so I would dedicate every love song to you

whenever you are away or around

No one could come between us.

I see no one but you and that should keep you assured, no one else can get what I give you.

Dearest love, I tend to lose hope of your existence,

I cannot promise perfection,

but I can perfect the safety in my chest

where your gifted heart resides by reinforcing it with the loyalty

and insurance of not bringing you disdain

I will give you forever if you will accept some of the turmoil that comes with it.

My love is tough and resilient, I would eat anyone alive if they came to tarnish this we have cultivated.

Can I go all in trusting that I will not regret my decision wholeheartedly?

I will-

Wipe tears in exchange for,


Stop yells for kisses,

Trade anger for love-making resolutions,

Use bedtime for agreeing to disagree and say I love you amidst good nights,

Dream as big as it can fit outside our own visions plotting world domination as long as it is by your side,

Be an individual with opinions and voice,

Please you until you are fulfilled with everything that was missing,

Dear Love,

I believe in true love and the misrepresentation of it has left me, hesitant, before jumping right in.

Until all doubts are subside and most questions have answers,

I am willing to do all that which no one else was built to do for you, as you would for me.

Unstoppable as a joined force,

I am willing for us to be a team of greatness

in our own shared and separate visions.

Dear Love,

I'm not sure if you're already around or have yet to arrive but

I ask because I will, if you too are willing….

The Elephant in The Room

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