24/30 Love InSight

I see you stranger to your gentle facade

I've always looked beyond the tough exterior everyone else seems to confuse to be your interior

Eyes perusing through your souls mirrors they tell everything you wish to hide

• you make it look like its magic, I see nobody but you •

Prance around thinking I have been fooled by a bravado that has not phased me

• I am never confused, I am so used to being used •

Allowing you to walk around with your unconvincing shield

Your lies have been my truths as I savor your tongue and uncover the real yoU

•you're my favorite kind of night

You're always worth it•

The pain of misguided protection as we speak through these braille sensations that only you can fulfill

Speaking to me in intensity as need and a craving for deeper feeling instead of just feeling the physical connection but the nakedness of unspoken realities

I see all of you in your subtleties and midnight ramblings that no one else seems to comprehend

Yet • you know our love would be tragic, so you don't pay it no mind•

Possibly a tragedy of the momentum fears that continuously hold us from freedom

But to me --you are perfectly broken to fit into my missing pieces

Holding in my overflow of emotions unsure if you would float or drown in them

And you ask if I see you --even if darkness came over the world you'd still have an omnipotence that I cannot ignore and in a crowd of millions I could always see you. Not a just grace my eyes upon but

Use my eyes for every other of my senses to be replaced by sight to hear your silent plea of love and feel the need to expose what is so well hidden.

I'd free fall from our written constellation back to earth just to sleep in your arms

Can you see me--in my silence wishing to release my impulses and no longer hold on to my heart-strings for safety as they bled more than necessary from past infliction

You earned it--we deserve it--these war stripes of love to alas get trophies of mutually responsive afflictions

See me--in the smile on my face as you fall into a deep slumber searching for me for comfort.

Maybe I am rambling As my logic fails me Feelings embrace my fantasies of lacing hands and romantic notions

You never fooled me-not once

All I've ever see(n) is you

30/30 Emotional instropection

Stolen Halos and Clipped Wings