Stolen Halos and Clipped Wings

He comes to me. Grabbing ahold my innocence as if it were born to live yesterday

The trust fully unaware of its distasteful fate.

He crushed it with a low voice and unexpected twist of events.

The darkness swallowing me into a spiral of solace as no one else was home

God the only witness to a sin committed.

I could never confess. Close your eyes as if leaps of faith were possible in the next step of disgust to touch naive lips

Disbelief glinted within the window of my souls

I felt shock and then came the death within the insides as I locked myself away

In the silence of my ear piercing volumes of my mind


Didn't I ---do something Did someone come just in time He feel this was okay

I feel so filthy in the shadows of this Gemini--God left his aura that day as his turn was to preach on Sunday.

The light was so opaque and I Rearranged myself to unattractive physique and clothing

Do not attract any more unwanted attention

My fault

Why speak if no one would believe he could possibly--

Could this be why I don't remember that I hated kissing?

For the true variation of kissing should be for souls to touch yet mine was sucked right out onto the atmosphere to be tainted into the Devils moment of strength

He two---whispering confusion into ear--not all here as I distanced myself before the realization of intentions were clear.

My mental perturbed-sadness spoke why would you say these things to me?

All mistakes All requested for forgiveness



As I cut the corners of my eye Knowing the bones in each closet buried deep within my neurons

Moments of hatred where sanity has taken over to keep me in place

Never the same subconsciously

I am not exactly ok Willing to survive the disappointment of man As a tainted lily blows her somber scent in the wind

Unaware that vulnerability has been hidden under shields of masked perfection

Affecting today's life and love decisions

Pay attention to those who pledge protection and familiarity for those who become Lucifer while masking themselves as Michael

Robbing angels of Halos and taking them to untraveled beaten paths

Disbelief from grown ups Guilt filled victims having nightmares in the valleys of shadows Choking in self indignation Hurt me or hurt them Trust issues in turn for their omnipotence

Be it physical or emotional molestation Child abuse statistics speak for themselves Beware - Be Aware of the stolen halos and clipped wings

24/30 Love InSight

16/30 Emotional Funeral