For(e) Play on Words

I hope that you don't take this wrong


But...I been...thinking... Of finding how many ways...  I can intertwine With the pronunciation of  your Syllables  As cunning linguistics are filled  With conversations between  (lips)  feeling  intellectually stimulated  into salacious verbiage. Spoken commands  I would like to cease Until they become  That which have yet to be captured After   Midday  Morning  Craving   Until I run  To add to sentences  Wishing to be the noun  Of your thoughts until they  Do not refrain When I... Request you to relinquish  Allow me to bring to life...  What I... I have performed in solitude. Wanting recognition for the submission  To my favored pen  As I allow the ink  Willing to refill and reuse  As we define the ellipses with adverbs.  All 

to the attention displayed  upon mind  Spilling dictation.  literal context clues  permeate the  plethora of phallic fantasies... spoken word and not metaphors. I reenactment to release any  unresolved concepts I can't help but brainstorm upon  Midnight  Reflections Actions  Repetitions Continuum out  of  climactic words  Displayed in the darkness of these silenced pages. Suction until   The Mental Cell storm of  Cerebral Momentum  has subsided. Unfulfilled fiction so i can rewrite

them into non-fiction. To coerce... Disorientation Revert to the top of the page  Reiterating all the phrases Practicing until perfection. To flow.  Your tip  on fresh pages. Be my subject  and  I Your predicate. fore the play on words.

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