Heart String Incantations


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My un-accepting sensitivity prevents me from pulling you from the confines of my soul. So I delve into the depths of ink and scrolls  to erase this necromancy. The high of your curse now places me at ground level. The flavor of concrete still kisses my broken  lips. Dehydrated and pale I stumble among flasks and beakers chanting for resolution.

Unsure if the charms around your heart still shimmer like the full moon in the darkest of the night.  Mine tarnishes with the effervescence of the pain you the Voodoo wears off.

Throwing painkillers and lies you told into the bubbling cauldron of my boiling ticker.

Adding  memories to the mixture, unsure of the resulted chemical reaction.  This scientific equation unbalanced with the overflow of unknown elements.

I now resemble that of liquid nitrogen as air is no longer available in the stake placed through my heart,

in the shape of your

late night disappearance.

Unspoken words breaking the




Potions overflow and despite my submergence they negate to create amnesia.  Preparing rituals at the height  of the midnight hour. Not one sacrifice soothing the ardent burn of reality.

Profusely adding to the recipes within my book of spells.I struggle internally to forget the path back. But breadcrumbs remain in the thick brush of my cerebral forest of memories.

Eternal uncertainty ruining each and every formula.

How do I





this shrinking warmth? My limbs loosing flexibility with each beating reminder.








My third eye observing you closely with wrath in its surmise. If only I could yell to the winds and be heard. My rhymes and runes displayed before dawn, die on deaf ears.

Wizardry of your caliber converts me into a neophyte under your watchful eye. As they glint beyond my soul's reflection. Tampered shield turned transparent and torture treks forward. The piercing pain pushing me to plea:

Has insanity has led me to my demise.

And still the weight of your incantations leads me into an unconscious eidolon.

Waving your wand in my direction cringing me from my Stargazing mission. Yet observing the stars that surround your incredulous aura. Darkness swallows my helpless chants for strength and healing. My presence opaque-ing in your spell filled requests.

 My essence unable to be bottled for your use. And still with your smile I am under your conjuring. Relinquishing occasionally to my heart-strings incantations.

Ode to the Broken Ones

For(e) Play on Words